Here's Just A Fraction Of What You Will Learn:
  • Why LinkedIn is hands-down the best place to find new leads (and how you can cash in on the platform responsible for 80% of B2B social media sales) (page 3)
  • ​How to streamline your sales process so you can spend most of your time closing, not prospecting (and hit your goals WITHOUT increasing your hours) (page 8)
  • ​ The PROVEN best times to connect with your leads, send messages, and make posts (and how to use them to create an organized schedule that WORKS) (page 24)
  • ​ 7 steps to boost your LinkedIn profile to All-Star status (so you can easily build authority, credibility, and trust online) (page 14)
  • ​How to create a killer “elevator pitch” to stand out, position yourself as an authority, and resonate with your target audience (page 9)
  • ​ How I signed over 25 channel partners in 12 months without making a single phone call (and successfully escaped the endless grind) (page 7)
  • ​How to outsource the entire LinkedIn selling process (without making a dent in your consistency or effectiveness) (page 33)
  • ​The “5 Ps” for engaging effectively with prospects & moving conversations offline (and getting a 15-40% acceptance rate for your connection requests within the first week) (page 18)
  • ​ A clever way to instantly find & speak to hundreds of people in your target audience (page 11)
  • ​And so much more!
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